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"I'm Just a Mom"...

“I’m just a mom”

I thought it often…

And then IMMEDIATELY felt guilt. Like, “What kind of mom am I, if I’m having thoughts like that!?”

But it kept coming up. It kept repeating.

I felt STUCK!!!!!!

I had been working soooo hard to help my husband get his trade and then job, and I was doing a job I felt I was pretty good at but wasn’t fulfilling to me in the least…And I felt like my life revolved around being a mom.

Don’t get me wrong…

Of course, motherhood was and is sooo fulfilling.

I just look at those two, now 16 & 12 years old and wonder where the time went… And wish I had been happier when they were young, instead of the resentful, angry mama who was always yelling!! I’ve always had to work since I had my first baby at 19.

It’s always been:

- wake up and get the kids ready

- go to work

- come home and take care of the kids


There was no ME time!!

And the result… RESENTMENT!!!

I was resenting my husband for being able to get away to work and not have to worry about anything other than work, eat and sleep…I was resenting my job, because of course I wasn’t going to resent the kids for taking away from my me time… And I began to resent MYSELF because I was thinking;

“How can I want MORE than just motherhood??? What is wrong with me!?!?”

“Me time” and “Self Care” aren’t anything we should feel guilty for…

Yet we do!! Women struggle sooo much with putting our needs first, yet we tell our kids that the most important person in their lives is themselves.

It’s about time we practice what we preach!!!!

When I began to put MYSELF first… The whole house benefited!!

My kids got a happier, more energetic mom… My husband got a happier, less resentful wife…

The house was no longer a constant disaster because I had the energy and enthusiasm to clean it, rather than resent any chores that needed to be done!!

And I began to actually spend time with people I loved, doing things I enjoyed rather than cancelling all the time because I felt burnt out!!

It’s so easy for us to put ourselves off and say;

“Maybe in January” or “Maybe next year”

Well, mama… January of next year is right here!!!

Let me help you align with your HIGHEST SELF and say goodbye to feeling STUCK!!

If you want my application to see if we might be a good fit for each other click this link.

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