Angela Miller

Fintry, BC

Jennie is the best!! I myself have been a personal trainer for 14 years and have worked with and trained with many trainers. Jennie is amazing and what she does and is very supportive. She is very knowledgeable about the body as well as nutrition. Jennie creates programs that are specific to your body type and your goals..... unlike many of the cookie cutter programs I have seen in the past..... I have been doing the challenge and have had a few set backs along the way and she has been there 💯 to support me. One of the most amazing things about Jennie is her ability to change your relationship with food. Food is not the enemy and no food you eat should be associated with any type guilt. I love how she encourages a balanced approach to health and wellness.... basically she just rocks at everything!!!!!!

Joan Wilson

Fintry, BC

I was the first Transformation Challenge winner. I am 60 years old and have worked with many trainers. Jennie started me out at 1800 calories and I was so skeptical (I even got to eat a little candy every day). I immediately started losing weight, energy levels were through the roof and I realized this girl knows what she’s talking about. If you’re on the fence, trust Jennie and just do it. Tomorrow begins today!!!

Stacy Allen 

Brewster, Ohio

I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up with a trainer that was clear across the country, but it turned out to be the best thing I ever did. Jennie is absolutely the best and let me tell you she knows her stuff. My workouts were programmed specifically for me and what equipment I had available. She gave me macros that were sustainable and I never felt deprived. When it came down to week 12 of the program and my gym got shut down she gave me workouts to do at home. She’s given me my confidence back and for that I will be forever grateful! She’s even helped me plan going forward to shed some more fat!

Amanda Martyshuk 

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Where do I begin 🤔 I had an unhealthy relationship with food it was either all or nothing one extreme to the next. Jennie taught so so much in this short 12 weeks like I can still eat the foods I love! I truly feel like this is a sustainable lifestyle change that I have made! She is motivating, holds your butt accountable and pushes you to keep going! I am extremely happy with my results! I trusted in her and in the process and it paid off! Much love Jennie thanks for showing me the ways of the IIFYM ❤️

Camille Steele

Fintry, BC

So, so, so recommend Balanced bodies westside. Jennie is absolutely amazing trainer, coach and person. if you are looking for that extra supportive push, she's your girl. There are not enough kudos for her and the work she does!!!

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