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Angela Miller

Fintry, BC

Jennie is the best!! I myself have been a personal trainer for 14 years and have worked with and trained with many trainers. Jennie is amazing and what she does and is very supportive. She is very knowledgeable about the body as well as nutrition. Jennie creates programs that are specific to your body type and your goals..... unlike many of the cookie cutter programs I have seen in the past..... I have been doing the challenge and have had a few set backs along the way and she has been there 💯 to support me. One of the most amazing things about Jennie is her ability to change your relationship with food. Food is not the enemy and no food you eat should be associated with any type guilt. I love how she encourages a balanced approach to health and wellness.... basically she just rocks at everything!!!!!!


Joan Wilson

Fintry, BC

I was the first Transformation Challenge winner. I am 60 years old and have worked with many trainers. Jennie started me out at 1800 calories and I was so skeptical (I even got to eat a little candy every day). I immediately started losing weight, energy levels were through the roof and I realized this girl knows what she’s talking about. If you’re on the fence, trust Jennie and just do it. Tomorrow begins today!!!


Stacy Allen 

Brewster, Ohio

I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up with a trainer that was clear across the country, but it turned out to be the best thing I ever did. Jennie is absolutely the best and let me tell you she knows her stuff. My workouts were programmed specifically for me and what equipment I had available. She gave me macros that were sustainable and I never felt deprived. When it came down to week 12 of the program and my gym got shut down she gave me workouts to do at home. She’s given me my confidence back and for that I will be forever grateful! She’s even helped me plan going forward to shed some more fat!

Stacy 12 Week Progress.jpg

Amanda Martyshuk 

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Where do I begin 🤔 I had an unhealthy relationship with food it was either all or nothing one extreme to the next. Jennie taught so so much in this short 12 weeks like I can still eat the foods I love! I truly feel like this is a sustainable lifestyle change that I have made! She is motivating, holds your butt accountable and pushes you to keep going! I am extremely happy with my results! I trusted in her and in the process and it paid off! Much love Jennie thanks for showing me the ways of the IIFYM ❤️

Amanda 12 Week Progress.jpg

Camille Steele

Fintry, BC

So, so, so recommend Balanced bodies westside. Jennie is absolutely amazing trainer, coach and person. if you are looking for that extra supportive push, she's your girl. There are not enough kudos for her and the work she does!!!

Camille 12 Weeks Bulking.jpg

Chrissie Decker

Fort McMurray, Alberta

I am only on my fourth week but I could not be more grateful that I took advantage of some open time in Jennie’s calendar to meet with her and get the deets on her program!
I’ve tried many programs, some good, some not so good but this has 100% been the best thing I have done in the past 7 years of my weight loss journey.
Jennie is so easy to connect with. And she has built a community of people who are just like that. I’ve never had so much support and encouragement. Her program will take you way beyond weight loss. This is a full body transformation inside and out! If you trust the process and you put in effort to follow what Jennie sets out for you, it will do absolute wonders for your mind and soul. I literally just had a conversation with a friend and my words to her were “I feel like my mindset is at the best that it has been for the last 10+ years because this program has taught me so much more than macros and lifting weights. It has empowered me to dig deep and start resurfacing the relaxed, approachable, happy person that I used to be and loved.”
If you are on the fence...Just DO IT!!

Chrissie Decker.jpeg

Lisa Baynham

Edmonton, Alberta

Mindset is everything, well according to Jennie, mindset is 50%. During the past 11 weeks, I have journaled and listened to the lessons. Sure, I have lost inches and a few lbs, but my mindset has made the most progress. This week I lost 1 inch, it would be so easy to say, “I only lost 1 inch.” Instead, I said, loud and proud, “I LOST 1 WHOLE FREAKING INCH!” I have totally flipped my mindset. A wise friend also shared with me that I lost that inch and it is not coming back. I also enjoyed my Mother’s Day treats, like breakfast in bed and a takeout dinner because it all fit in my macros. I woke up Monday morning with zero guilt and or regret. It was an amazing feeling.

Lisa Baynham.jpeg

Natalie Brien

Kelowna, BC

If you were to ask me two years ago where I’d be right now, never in a million years would I have said that I would be where I am today. That all changed when I joined a Vernon mom’s group and connected with Jennie.

Her positive outlook, her positive mindset and vibe radiated and it was contagious!!! We became good friends and once I moved to the area for a fresh start, and to be closer to my mom, that’s when my life changed. My first time working with Jennie was when I joined her January 2020 transformation challenge. Let’s just say it was an eye opening experience. Society has me thinking that in order to loose weight I had to eat like a bird or be on another fad diet. At the beginning I will admit that I was resistant because I thought there is no way in hell that I’m going to loose eating all this food!!! But I quickly realized that it was knowing what made up my food that was the difference! Yes In the challenge I believed I lost close to 15lbs and over 20inches, but what really mattered to me was that I got my life back.

You can’t think of this as a diet, but as a total and complete mindset shift and lifestyle change. My mindset and outlook on life is not what it was before, I enjoy Life now! I am grateful and thankful for those around me. I think my brother coined it perfectly once to Jennie, “thank you for bringing my sister back to me”.

I have been consistently working with Jennie now for over a year and a half, yes I’ve dropped inches and weight, but matters most to me is what i have gained. It’s not about restricting something you love, it’s about making it fit. She says it’s 50% mindset, 40% diet and 10% exercise and she couldn’t be more right.

Now come on over to the dark side, we eat cookies, tacos and cake here!

Thank Jennie for giving me the tools to succeed , even when I didn’t think it was possible, I couldn’t be more thankful

Natalie Brien Before & After.jpeg
Natalie 12 week progress.jpg

Stephanie Evans

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Just want to share a little bit of my journey that I have been on since the beginning of January. I started with Jennie Henderson after seeing a friend Jessica Carlson transform into a baddie while still enjoying the foods she likes!

I have tried every fad diet out there including a dose of keto, weight watchers, starving myself, and even was considering weight loss surgery. I just felt bad about myself. My energy level was at a zero frequency and I was so angry with the person I had become. Not just with my weight or body image but with the self love.. there was none. I was not eating mindful just eating feelings (feelings that have held me back a lot of my life) I was full of anxiety self loathing, I would change clothes or pull on my shirts to stretch them out when I got dressed in the morning. I was pretty sad.

Now I say was because after just 16 weeks of trusting the process (I’ve had my hurdles of resistance) I can finally say I love myself. I chopped off my bun! Which of anyone knows me they know that is my signature look... and cut over 40 inches of fat and 20 ish lbs (on average ) off my body forever and no I am not talking about surgery.

The side by side of my face was me enjoying the waterpark with my nephew last August, and the other pic is me this morning after crushing a weight workout! The full body (your welcome ) is my first week with Muscles, Macros & Mindset and the other is my week that just passed (week 16).

I am not one to share publicly these kinds of things and if your still reading that’s amazing!!! (Yay cheerleaders) but I HAD to post because the mindset changes have done a 180 on my life. And I am so f**king proud.

Sending love to all of you like minded people or to anyone that also may be struggling with a little self — feeling blessed.

Stephanie Evans 01.jpeg
Untitled design (8).jpg

Natasha Humphries

Fort McMurray, Alberta

15 weeks ago I did a thing. Where do I even start with how much I love this program. Not just for obvious reasons, but for the mindset, the food (cause who doesn’t love food), the relationships, my mental well being and how I feel in general.

I started journaling and I can’t imagine my life without it now. I count macros, so if the food I want fits, I eat it! I seriously have ice cream at least 5 times a week!

I have more patience! This is a huge thing for me!

I have way more energy than I’ve ever had.

I strength train 4 times a week!! I even fixed up my basement so I could have an at home gym.

Jennie Henderson with Balanced Bodies Balanced Bodies Westside has given me the most amazing tools I’ve ever been given (except maybe my mitre saw). I’ve learned that macros are sustainable, she’s helped retrain my way of thinking when it comes to my relationship with food and best of all, I’ve learned how to love myself. There is so much more I’ve learnt in these short 15 weeks, but it will take me forever to list them all, and I probably would forget a bunch lol.

But this has been my new, and will continue to be, my new lifestyle!!!

Natasha Humphries.jpeg

Steph Nickoleff

Hay Lakes, Alberta

This is what I have been up to.... Self love, Self care, dedicating to me, and all around ME TIME!!!!

Definitely out of my comfort zone here sharing this.... but I am soooo fucking happy and proud of myself for all the hard work I have invested into ME for a short 12 weeks!!!!

I wanted to share because there is sooo much inspiration out there for me and want to give that inspiration to others to be able to have the confidence that I walk with more and more everyday!!! To be PROUD of yourself, to be COMFORTABLE in your own skin, to BELIEVE in yourself, to know that you ARE ENOUGH and YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

For those that know all my history of tummy shit, dietary and physical restrictions, know that I have tried soooo much to better myself!!! I have been searching for this for over 10 years!!!

Jennie Henderson is an online coach who is soooo FUCKING AMAZING, SO DEDICATED, SO INSPIRATIONAL, KNOWS HER SHIT AND SOOOO VERY PERSONABLE!!!! She is a REAL PERSON! No bullshit kinda girl! My fav!!!!

I am wrapping up my 14th week and am in I for another year!!! Sooo excited to see where this takes me!!!

Sooo very very grateful from the bottom of my heart that Jennie Henderson and I crossed paths, and got to meet all of the these like minded people on the same journey!!!!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!! Let me know I will send you Jennie’s way!!!!!!

Steph Nickoleff.jpeg

Cole Kalinin

Fort McMurray, Alberta

I enjoyed every minute of the program. The workouts were challenging but exactly what I needed to get back on track. I feel like I’ve gone back in time and feel younger and full of energy. Taking the time to really look at the food that I was eating I found that I wasn’t as healthy as I had let myself believe. I now know I’m back I track and won’t stray from it. (You can post this testimonial if you like).

I also have no issues if you want to post my pics as well.

Thank you very much. I can’t wait to take the journey to the next level. You have help me create the foundation to make this my new life style.

Cole Kalinin.jpeg
crystal testimonial.jpeg
Crystal Martyshuk.jpeg

Mandi Lee Draper

Simcoe, Ontario

Ladies and gents!!!

I’ve tried it all!!! Down to programs... gyms... cutting foods out... eating foods I hates... I would look in the mirror and hate what I seen...

I got to a point where i stuck to yoga pants and got rid of my scale

But is that a way to live? I can remember sitting on the beach and looking at other women dreaming... wishing I had their bodies and always said... well I have 5 kids so I can never have that body..

but then I would go home and not even be mindful of what I was putting into my body?

I could go all day without eating and it not matter... I didn’t feel hungry! Or was it maybe in my head... if you eat... you will just gain more weight... I would drink pop... juice... coffee... ice Capps... but never pick up a water bottle...

I was slacking confidence and self-esteem. I came across this amazing beautiful woman and I can remember creeping her Facebook page... just in awe! She was so beautiful! So fierce and so confident...

finally I reached out... but then once again did the self sabotage and said my life is too crazy right now. And yes it was.. but what excuse was that to not think about myself a well!

It was finally end of Jan... and I took the plunge!

I’m in my 8th week of the 12 week program! I can’t even tell you how amazing this feels!!!

She always says fuck the scale.. it’s all about the inches!

But I’m also down in pounds but holy mother!!! The inches I am down in UNREAL! and I’m eating soooo much food! Lol and still eating whatever I want!!

Still having ice cream... still eating pasta and sugar in my coffee!

Flavoured cream... this is no diet... this is a life change and just being mindful of what we are putting into our bodies!!

I could never thank Jennie Henderson enough for giving me the reason to love myself again!! Not just my body! But my mind as well!

Also Jenna Longaphie for listening to my late night rants on the nights I wanted to give up! The amazing group I am in

The amount of support is unreal!!! So glad to be apart of this amazing journey and family!

2021!! Is when I will rock this bikini and not cover myself up!! If anyone is looking for the same outcome I have! Then you need to msg jennie like NOW! you WILL NOT regret it!! 

I’m going way out of my comfort zone here guys... I’m posting my before pic... and my most recent

Mind you I will have 4 weeks to go! But after that a lifetime

Pls no judging

mandi week 1 vs 8.jpeg

Paul Korba

I can’t reiterate enough how mindset is key. The only reason why routine works is because I want it to work. The only reason I haven’t hit my goals yet is that I’m living life and having fun. The process for me is about learning to live without restrictions but understand the balance.”

And this is what this program is all about. Being able to live life and still get to your goals!

Paul Korba- transformation photos.jpg

Paige Shook

Untitled design.png
Leanne Fradsham
So glad I finally decided or not going say I decided, but I think deep down it was a calling that brought me to Jennie and the BBW group of fabulous babes.. I can’t be more grateful!!! I begin this 12-week journey and came out with amazing growth and happier minded than ever before!!! YES, people JOURNALING do help 100% I bought a gratitude journal months before I gave in to what was calling me aka BBW. I didn’t write in that book till I started my 12-week journey and here I am done my 12 weeks and here I have got 1/2 of a book filled that’s a lined book which I usually write 4 pages a day with my gratitude’s my affirmations and my goals!!!

What I got out of these 12 weeks is unmeasurable!!!

So grateful for BBW and all it has to offer and more!!

Not only 12 weeks it is setting you up for growth after your 12 weeks I think that is one of my favorites of this BBW!!!

Love you all!!!

Thanks to all of your beautiful ladies for your support!!
leanne fradsham.jpg
Sherry Gusse

“Ok here we go lol.

I feel that I found Jennie and this group at the right time in my life. I have always struggled with my weight. Tried diet after diet to only gain it all back. And feel mentally defeated. Since starting this program, I no longer feel like I’m “dieting” and my mindset is a lot stronger than it ever was!

If I have an off day, I don’t beat myself up about it, I move on. The support in this group is beyond what I could have even imagined and that has been a huge part of my success!”
sherry testimonial.jpg
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