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Exercise Related Questions


  • Should I purchase equipment for working out?

There are many exercises that can be done with bodyweight.  Some equipment is beneficial. If you are working out from home, you could get a great workout in with a couple of sets of dumbbells.  Bands can be a good low cost option as well.


  • What are glute burnouts? How can I look up exercises that are on my list?

A glute burnout is an exercise that I like to do (and have my clients do) where you do very high reps of pauses and pulses of a glute bridge with a DB.  I am currently building my library of exercise videos for YouTube.

  • What if I can not complete all of the time or reps that are in my workout schedule?

Do the best you can and work towards completing them over time!  Progressive overload doesn’t always mean increasing weights. It could also mean increasing reps or time.


  • How Heavy should I be lifting?

That question is relative, everyone is different.  You should be lifting a weight that is heavy enough to be quite challenging, but not too heavy that you cannot complete your reps with good form.


  • Is it ok to start exercises with bodyweight?

Absolutely!  Some exercises will still be quite challenging at bodyweight.


  • What if you don’t have a Youtube video for an exercise in my program?

If I haven’t yet made a YouTube video for a particular exercise in your program, feel free to search for a video filmed by someone else!


  • How do I know when to increase my weights in my workout?

When you feel like you can do more than the number of reps in your program, that’s a great sign that it’s time to increase the weight.  As always, be sure that you can complete all reps with good form!


  • What is better ...splitting up muscles or full body workouts?

Either can be quite effective in both muscle building and fat loss!  It depends on your commitment to the number of workouts you will do in a week, the equipment you will be using and other factors.  Sustainability is an important factor of any workout program. The more you enjoy your program, the more likely you are to stick with it long term


  • Should I be doing more Cardio?


  • If I have been having a hard time with certain exercises over an extended amount of time, Can I request a swap out for new exercises in my program.

Macro and Nutrition Related Questions:

  • Can you save macros for a large meal or a special occasion?

Absolutely!  Your body doesn’t necessarily work on a 24 hour clock when it comes to fat loss and muscle building.  I prefer that my clients hit their protein and fiber every day, and save carbs and fats for planned events.

  • Do I need to track my sugar intake?

I do not have my clients track their sugar.  Both fiber and sugar come from carbs. I do have my clients track their fiber and many find that it’s quite challenging to eat an excess amount of sugar when they hit their fiber goals.


  • Should I try to make up my protein or any other macros for the week on the last day of the week?

I would try my best to hit your averages for Protein, Carbs, Fat and Fiber.  There are negative impacts of eating in too strict of a calorie deficit (undereating causes the metabolism to slow).  It’s important to keep in mind however, that the human body can only process a maximum of appx. 60g of protein per sitting, so I would be sure to split up your protein servings.


  • Do you recommend any supplements?

I recommend a multi-vitamin (I personally take greens) and omega’s.  I take collagen powder myself, which also helps me reach my protein goals.  Many people find protein powder or bars a convenient way of hitting their daily protein goals!  Aside from those, I don’t recommend supplements, although I support the research behind taking a creatine supplement.  


  • What protein products do you recommend and where do you get them?

I love protein bread, which Country Harvest makes and can be found in Canadian grocery stores such as Real Canadian Superstore & Save-On Foods.  I also love high fiber protein bars; Pure Protein Plus can be found at Walmart and Kirkland can be found at costco. Protein powder and other high fiber protein bars (Quest and MusclePharm), I usually buy from


  • What do I eat at a buffet?

Be mindful of your food choices. Guesstimate and log ahead of time (for example : "Chinese fried rice" , 200g - "Chinese buffet shrimp and vegetables" , 250g - 1 egg roll" - "Chinese buffet BBQ pork" , 200g - etc) . 

Deep fried foods will have the highest calories and fat. Grilled meats and vegetables are your best bets and be careful of sauces, they're generally high in sugar, so empty carbs. There will be a lot of sodium, so the scale will likely jump up the next day. You can offset a wee bit of that with extra water. Don't freak out when you see that spike.  Try to focus on protein and fiber!!


  • How or what should I order at a restaurant?

I always recommend checking out the menu ahead of time when possible.  Food options at restaurants do tend to be higher in fat and carbs, and generally lower in protein and fiber.  With a little planning, you should be able to fit your favourite restaurant meals, you may just have to adjust your eating for the rest of the day (high protein, high fiber, low calorie).


  • Where does fibre come from?

Fiber comes from plant based foods/carbs.  Fruit, vegetables, beans, legumes and whole grains have the most fiber.  Fiber can also come from sugar alcohols and supplements!  


  • How much water should I drink?  Should I log it on myfitnesspal

Logging it is optional.  If you find it keeps you accountable, then by all means, track it!  Generally, drinking half your weight in ounces is a great recommendation for water intake.  Those who are severely overweight or obese may find this is too much and can shoot for closer to 30-40% of their bodyweight.  


  • Why is sleep important to log?

There are numerous health benefits to getting an adequate amount of sleep.  Sometimes when you do not have a restful night of sleep, the body can have some inflammation and retain water.  If at the end of the week, progress is going the opposite direction and all other variables have been considered (workouts, macros, water, etc), I will often look to see if there were some short nights of sleep.


  • Do I have to eat all of my macros even if I am not hungry?  What if I don’t reach my calories?

It is important to do your best to reach your macros.  When you are eating in too steep of a deficit, your body will make adaptations to offset the reduction of calories IN.  Subconsciously you will move less, fidget less, and exert less energy. In other words, your calories OUT will be reduced or your metabolism will slow!


  • Do you allow cheat meals?

Cheat meals are not necessary when counting macros.  You can fit a “fun” meal in whenever you want, it just may require some planning and adjusting the rest of your day or part of your week!


  • What is “IIFYM”?

IIFYM stands for If It Fits Your Macros.  It is a style of eating (or a diet - paleo, low carb, low fat, vegan, vegetarian, keto and others are also styles of eating that can be done while counting macros).  You will always lose weight when you eat in a caloric deficit. Counting macros puts an emphasis on Protein and Fiber, so the weight loss is more likely to be fat vs. fat and muscle.  With IIFYM, you can literally eat anything you want, just make it fit! 


  • Do you have a shopping list or a meal plan?

I do not believe in meal plans.  The single most important factor in sticking to a lifestyle vs a diet, is to make sure that it is sustainable.  Restricting yourself to only certain foods almost always leads to falling off track. I prefer to teach my clients HOW to eat instead of telling them WHAT to eat!  I do have a shopping trip video, as well as a “what’s in my fridge” video that may help!​

  • Is it ok to drink protein shakes every day

Absolutely!  You can and should eat anything that you want to eat!  If you don’t like protein shakes, don’t drink them, but many people do find that they help them reach their protein goals!  Protein shakes are generally made from whey (dairy), so they can be hard on the stomach for some.

  • In Myfitnesspal should I set it to automatically increase calories when I log exercise?

I take the calories burned in exercise into account when I calculate macros, so it is not necessary to set My Fitness Pal up to automatically increase calories when logging exercise.  If you eat back the calories you burned, you may not be eating in a caloric deficit.

  • Is there such a thing as too much protein in one sitting?

Yes, studies show that we can’t utilize too much protein in one sitting!  The maximum amount of protein I recommend in one sitting is 50-60g.

  • If I have gained inches or weight over the past week should I add cardio to my workout program or have my macros re-calculated?

    No way!  Measurements can fluctuate too.  Mostly due to human error, bloating, inflammation and water retention.  A TRUE plateau is 2-3 weeks of no change in measurements, photos, weight and how you feel!

  • What should I do if I have no appetite?


      Less is not more! You still want to get those macros in.  Try drinking them?  A smoothie!

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