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Where are my Morning Coffee Drinkers??

Do you know how many calories you’re drinking in your morning cup of coffee??

I can’t help but notice when I’m drinking coffee with someone else.

I have women tell me all the time, they don’t know how they can’t get to where they want to be, it’s not like they eat a lot.

You might just be DRINKING more calories than you burn!!

I’ve been counting macros for over 6 years now, so I can generally eyeball it pretty easily!

If you’re making it at home, do you know how much cream you’re adding?? One serving (generally 60+ calories) is only a TABLESPOON!! That’s not enough to change the level of liquid in your cup.

So if you leave space for your cream and you fill that space up, you’re using a quarter, a third or even half a CUP of cream (upwards of 300-400 calories). Even if you buy sugar-free or fat-free, if it’s in large quantities, that all adds up!!

So if your coffee resembles white chocolate more than milk chocolate or dark chocolate, it’s pretty safe to say you’re having more than a few servings in each cup!!

Personally, I’m good with 2 servings of fat-free vanilla (total of 60 calories of carbs).


I’ll even put a scoop of vanilla protein in my coffee (120 calories of protein)!!

You guys know I am big on protein, and if you don’t get some in the morning, you’ll be playing catch up all day!!

If you’re feeling STUCK... Re-evaluate your coffee.

It just might be the culprit!!

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