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Taking Care of You...

This is what daily yoga, intuitive eating (with a mindful focus on protein and fiber, and NO RESTRICTION), and rock-solid morning routine of yoga, journaling, oracle card pulls lately, and meditation looks like on me.

A little lean…

A little loose skin…

A whole lot of self-love!!

Gone are the days of doing challenges and competitions. Gone are the days of PUNISHING my body for “bad choices”. Gone are the days of negative self-talk (although I still have my moments - I can quickly check myself and change the narrative). Gone are the days of self-deprecating jokes…

They send a message to the universe that we don’t believe we’ll ever get closer to our highest self.

I didn’t get here on my own.

I’ve had 8 coaches over the past 10 years. I had to go through a couple that just wasn’t the right coach for me before I finally found some that just *clicked*.

None of them were cheap.

But I found a way to move past mom guilt and invest in myself!! We always have money for the things that are important to us.

I’ve had some feedback lately that “I would do your program if it weren’t so expensive”

That’s ok.

I might not be the right coach for you.

My soulmate is very much like myself…

My soulmate client KNOWS that whenever she invests in herself, it pays off!!!!

If this sounds like you, contact me to see if we'd be the right fit.

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