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Something I Wish I Knew YEARS Ago

I used to think the only way I could get a body I was comfortable and confident in, would be to starve myself...

And I did.

I hired coaches who put me on strict meal plans. Chicken, rice, veggies, egg whites, oatmeal… And not really anything else. Eat “clean” Jennie. BOOM! You got this!!

You’re stronger than your cravings...

Nothing tastes as good as “skinny” feels...

Here, do burpees and 1000 leg curls...

It worked. Of course it worked.

100% of the time that you starve yourself, you’ll always lose weight. But then I’d gain it all back. And because I lost “weight” rather than just fat, the muscle loss slowed down my metabolism and the next time I tried to lose,I’d have to eat even less food.

Along the way, I kept meeting people who were counting macros. I wondered how they could possibly have good results and still eat pizza and cake??!

And I started to learn a thing or two about mindset, self-development, and how to become my highest self.

As soon as I learned there was a better way…

A more enjoyable way…

I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!!

I never expected I would become a coach. I didn’t think I would become a leader. I always knew I had a yearning to empower women, but didn’t quite realize my own potential.

Sharing with women (and men) that you actually CAN reach your body composition goals,

In an enjoyable way… Eating foods you LOVE… If you’re also working on your mindset...

Has become my PASSION!!! And this is just the beginning baby!!!!

I started to come into my own as I turned age 35 and continue to see where my passions lay in supporting my clients!!

You know where to find me if you’re sick of the bird diets and grueling workouts.

Come on over to the dark side.

We’re allowed to eat cookies here!!

P.S. If my past self sounds like you, book a free consultation call to see how we incorporate counting macros WITH mindset on your health journey. Let's chat about YOUR goals and see how you can sustainably get there while supporting your passions at the same time.

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