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I Hated Running Transformation Challenges...

I hated running Transformation Challenges

I knew that most of the people who did them would end up gaining the weight back.

In fact, most did!

Which is typical!

Anyone can lose fat - but how many can keep it off?

Statistics tell us that 80-95% of people who lose weight will gain it all back within the first year!

Many of my Transformation Challengers would go crazy during the few weeks (or months) between challenges (I ran them January, April, and September),

They’d celebrate their success by taking a week off....That week would turn into two or more.

They’d celebrate all of their hard work and congratulate themselves with some indulgent meals and drinks.

Before they knew it, their pants would be tight. They’d be avoiding the mirror and the camera again…

Along would come the negative self-talk and they’d remember the success they saw in the program…

And then sign up for another one right away!

I actually struggled with my conscience during the 2 years I ran these challenges.

It just didn’t sit right with me.

Those who were super competitive would always do well in my challenges…

The ones who were 100% gung-ho about fitting into that bikini by a certain date because they had a trip planned or it was a milestone birthday….

{Which was also my experience with rebound weight gain after BodyBuilding Competitions}

But many members dropped out (again, typical - stats tell us that the majority of people who sign up for a weight loss challenge won’t complete it), and again, those who did complete it had a high chance of rebound weight gain!!

I knew that my participants would be more likely to sustain their results for the long term if they worked on the mindset work I had been doing myself, outside of my programs with my past coaches.

I stopped doing challenges and began to allow anyone to join my program and group on any Monday when I had availability in my schedule to onboard someone new.

That meant that at any given time in the group there would be members who had been on the program for a year, a few months, or even a few weeks!

And immediately I noticed their results were lasting longer!

For starters…

12 weeks isn’t enough time to reach your body composition goals.

Most of us have spent years gaining excess body fat. We’re not just going to lose it in 12 weeks.

And secondly…

No diet or workout program will ever work long term if we aren’t addressing all 3 pieces to the puzzle…


The hard stuff…




ALIGNING with our higher self…

That’s a lifelong commitment… it’s just not going to be accomplished in 12 weeks!

The majority of members who go through the 12-week Muscles, Macros & Mindset Institute stay on for the 12-month Mastermind program. They are more committed to becoming their highest self vs temporarily fitting into a bikini!

And that’s more in alignment with myself anyways! I’m not here to help anyone temporarily see a loss… I want to help you lean into that higher version of yourself and remember what it is that you LOVE about life!

I want to help you experience joy, happiness and manifest the life of your dreams!!

I want to know if this is resonating with any of you???

Have you ever done a challenge just to gain all of the weight back?

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