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Has Your Weight Ever Rebounded??

Rebound weight gain comes from FEELINGS OF UNWORTHINESS

Yesterday I talked about rebound weight gain after doing challenges.

When I look back to the first few years that I started to get serious about my body composition changes,

Which are the years where I yo-yo’d the most….

  • Hire a coach

  • Lose a bunch of weight

  • Gain it all back


I can see that those are the years where my self-worth was the lowest.

I had so many different coaches, I did so many different programs.

Learning how to lift weights and eat towards my goals always worked…

Until it didn’t.

  • I didn't believe I was worth having a body that I thought looked good

  • I didn't believe I was worthy of being that person who was comfortable in her own skin

  • I didn’t believe I was worthy of being that person who was ACTUALLY CONFIDENT - not just faking it or masking it with a DON’T-MESS-WITH-ME-ATTITUDE

  • I didn’t believe I was worthy of happiness

  • That I wasn’t worthy of being loved

  • That I wasn’t worthy of putting myself first


During those days, I was also on anti-depressants.

Anxiety, overwhelm and constant negativity ruled my life.

Don’t get me wrong…Today I still experience anxiety from time to time…

It’s almost freaking 2022 and the collective anxiety of the world sometimes makes me feel it!! But I have been doing so much internal work now to become closer to my higher self, that I KNOW without a doubt that I am worthy of everything I mentioned above.


No one was put on this earth to suffer. No one was put on this earth to be uncomfortable in their own skin or miserable in their own life! We are all meant to live our life’s desires! We always tell our kids that the sky’s the limit and that we can become whatever we desire…

Yet we struggle to do that ourselves.

Once I began to work on overcoming my limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and actually visualize the life I desire… I began to take more action towards that higher version of me!

I began to BELIEVE that I would become her!!!

The result??

  • No more yo-yo’ing!

  • No more rebound weight gain!

  • No more DEPRESSION!!!


I know I’m not the best version of myself yet…. And I’m totally ok with the fact that I may not ever get there. As long as I continue to align with her each and every day, I’ll always be better than I was yesterday!!

What negative self-worth belief are you holding onto? I want to hear it, so I can help you work through it!!!


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